How to give wrapping paper a second life

creativity/inspiration, 21. 12. 2017

Wrapping paper looks so wonderful in the glow of Christmas lights or birthday candles – what a shame its life has to end there, when it has so much more to give! Take a simple example – if you’ve received a book as a gift, why not use the wrapping paper it came in to make a cover? It will keep your gift safe from wear and tear. Or if the paper was wrapped with a bow, or taped with colourful washi tape, why not use these as a playful decoration for your new year party? There are lots of creative ways to give paper a second life!

DIY book cover


Lay an open book on the wrapping paper. Make creases along the outside edges of the book. Remove the book Fold the top and bottom edges, then the sides, along the creases you have made. You now have a neat cover with flaps to insert the book covers into. All that’s left is for you to decorate the cover in whichever way you choose – a plain sticky label, perhaps? Or why not go to town with ink stamps or MT washi tape?