Big Wedding Set

Even a small wedding can be a major event! To make sure those precious memories of your big day are preserved in style, create a photo album that will keep your memories of that day fresh and clear!

Wedding photo album large

This large photo album can contain a family chronicle or memories from an overseas trip, or it could become a wedding book!

size: 19.5 x 30 cm

Be creative

Each photo album is assembled and glued by hand piece by piece. The harmonica design demands precision, so we choose particularly skilled hands to make it.

number of pages: 60

Canvas pouch

Our gift set comes wrapped in a canvas pouch, which can then be used every day as a cover for a pad, tablet, book or travel documents.

Made with love

At sheet of wedding stickers! You will find a few ideas on how to decorate the album on the back of the sticker sheet.

Decorative adhesive tapes

Two rolls of decorative adhesive tape. Silver and light blue. Masking tape made from rice paper is a sustainable and biodegradable alternative to sticky tape.

width: 15mm, length: 7 m

Small wedding, big experience

The set contains a handmade large photo album, a sheet of wedding stickers, white saedtler gel, 2 pcs decorative adhesive tapes (silver, light blue), stripe with floral motif, and a gift package.

Have fun!

The set can be purchased together with a voucher for, a speedy online photo developing service.

And it’s a nice extra bonus that the pouch is made right here in the Czech Republic using local materials.