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what we do, 2. 7. 2020

A small business or a large enterprise, anyone can have their own unique solution – with only a bit of time and enthusiasm. A custom-tailored solution offers an opportunity to have your very own and unique product like nobody else. Whether it comes to an original New Year’s card or a whole collection of products. 

Go your own way

We will custom-tailor a unique solution that will tell the story of your company. We can design anything – an original New Year card, invitation cards, notebooks, journals, diaries, meaningful packaging or even whole sets of products. 

A unique and ingenious solution is a memorable way to communicate the anniversary of your brand or for example a new corporate design, and makes your company stand out.

What can we make for you?


We’ll be happy to design a New Year card, an invitation for your gala or even fun little presents for your clients to remember.


Your logo, motto and company colours will look great on a notebook of any style and format – a simple pad for a conference as well as an exclusive notebook for your clients.


We can tell your story on a whole collection of products. Starting with pencils, notebooks and planners, all the way to meaningful packaging or whole sets of office necessities.

The papelote experience

When it comes to your story, ideas and needs, you know best. Tell us all about them! We will be happy to present what we can do, show you some of our successful realizations and discuss the possibilities together.

Genuine dialogue, mutual trust and your story, complemented with our creative spirit, are the ideal starting point for a storm of inspiration. And in the end, you come out with a beautiful and high-quality product that communicates your message. Sometimes even without words. Contact us and experience the magic of paper yourself!

AIRBANK – notebooks for employees | ARCHEOPARK PAVLOV – merchandising | BCG – a set of compliment cards | BUŘINKA – a gift set | CESTA DOMŮ – a diary to support the foundation’s activities | CZECH CENTERS – gifts for clients | CZECH LION AWARDS – a notebook for the awards ceremony | PEOPLE IN NEED – a set for the “Real Present” project | UVEA – a set for clients of the clinic | VIA FOUNDATION – gift packaging for a philanthropic auction | LMC – notebooks for conference participants | MUMOK – custom-made pencils | NATIONAL THEATRE – notebooks to commemorate a premiere | RUDOLFINUM GALLERY – merchandising for their gallery shop | ENGLISH COLLEGE – planners for students | MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS – a binder for the international protocol | MANDARIN ORIENTAL – a gift for hotel visitors | TOMEK – a gift set for the company’s anniversary 

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