Elastic pen loops

what we do, 2. 7. 2020

A playful idea, fast production and a low price make our elastic pen loop a popular and practical little present. Its distinct label can carry the logo of your company.

A little big invention

A playful and ingenious little gadget for everyday use. Our patented invention keeps your pens and pencils safe and ready to use for writing a quick note or signing a contract. But it can do much more than that.

→   23 colours
→   3 standard sizes or custom-made
→   various number of loops
→   price at 100 pcs from 2,68 €/pc
→   minimum order 50 pcs
→   lead time 2 weeks

What does it serve for?

A playful and practical penholder. It makes a great little something for your clients, a souvenir from your event, or merchandising for a conference.

It is made in three standard sizes, but can be custom-tailored to meet your needs.

A memorable gift

Whether you are organizing an international conference, seeking partners for your projects, or want to make your employees happy with something original, our penholder is a present to keep.

A unique little something

We have an international patent for this small yet clever invention. We offer an original solution that can be found nowhere else.

Colour options

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