How paper takes us back to our roots

our world, 13. 9. 2019

It all started with a diploma piece.

It all started with a diploma piece. Kateřina Šachová, graphic designer and founder of papelote, set herself the task of renewing our appreciation for the beauty of paper and paper-making while pointing to the central importance of paper, both in our cultural history and in contemporary life. She also wanted to show that paper has democratised creativity; it is affordable, so anyone can use it to express creativity. The ambitious goal of this diploma piece – pushing the boundaries of imagination, inspiring the use of the available tools (including paper), losing the fear of experimentation and supporting play and playfulness – this has also been the goal of papelote since the beginning.

The word ‘papelote’ is Spanish, and has two meanings: the first is a cut-off piece of paper which we use to create something new. The second is a paper kite – a link between the sky and the earth, between body and soul.

The world changes: paper remains

Creativity is at the heart of everything we do – it is the glue that holds everything together. Creativity is how we look at the world; it is everything we teach our children (and adults). It is in the tools we give them. Space. Possibility. To dream of worlds where anything is possible, and transform them into our own image. In our contemporary digital era and globalised culture, with its emphasis on everything visual and virtual, it can seem as if our minds and bodies are two separate entities. But to fully develop our knowledge of the world, we need to use all our senses – including touch. For this reason, paper, and the possibilities it offers, play an important role.

Humans were created to create

For us, creativity doesn’t just mean the ability to produce a work of art; it also means being able to solve everyday problems in an original way. It is one of the most fundamental human skills, a crucial prerequisite for a happy life – both for individuals and societies. It is a skill we need to develop each and every day. Now more than ever, creativity is essential to life. In our ever-changing world, the ability to react quickly to new conditions and maintain an open mind is essential. Our mission is to help awaken this creativity in people, and give them the tools – and the courage – to get started.

Let your creativity fly!