Local production

4. 9. 2017

Local production, for so long a given, then more recently an exception, is clearly becoming more and more important. It provides work in the local area, and imposes less of an ecological burden, as products arrive on our shelves without having to travel halfway across the globe. We at papelote have adopted these values from the very beginning.


Our first workshop was in a living room of an apartment in the Vinohrady district of Prague; when we outgrew that we moved production to the back room of our shop in Vojtěšská street in central Prague. Soon after that we were joined by our team of home-based seamstresses. Last but not least, we are ably assisted in production by a printworks and a screen printing workshop in the suburbs of Prague, a pencil factory in South Bohemia and various other local enterprises.

Handicrafts details

We are delighted that we can make use of the traditional skills and handicrafts that exist in this country, and even renew old processes and ways of working that had fallen into disuse. Our proximity to the manufacturing process allows us to collaborate meaningfully on it, fine-tuning details as we go.

All this means you can be sure that our products are of local origin.

Thank You all!