creativity/inspiration, 13. 9. 2019

So that not a scrap of material is wasted during production, we have come up with the papelote take two range, inspired as it was by the very meaning of our name.

Papelote (Spanish): a useless bit of paper, an offcut which can be used to make something new

Papelote take two is a range of products created from leftover materials accumulated in production of both our regular range and custom-made items. Offcuts, rejects, end bits of spirals and sticky tape are waiting patiently for a new lease of life, ready to burst on the scene once more. Papelote literally recycling itself. Ready for take two…

And since the variety of materials we use keeps changing and expanding – and since we still haven’t run out of fresh ideas of what to create from these scraps, papelote take two is like a living organism, evolving and changing depending on what bits we have to play with… Come and choose the original item just right for you, it’s there in our store!