Recycle, re-use, upcycle… that’s our bag!

13. 9. 2019

In papelote we believe that recycling is great but reusing is even better. And so we always try to find imaginative uses for leftover paper. For example, the sheets of paper used for trial print runs in printworks enjoy a second life as the paper bags in our shops.

They have been designed in several sizes so as to cover the whole range of our products, so that every purchase can be packaged in just the right size.

These leftover sheets (which often have rather enchanting patterns as a result of print trapping) are cut to size at the printworks, from where they travel to a sheltered workshop, where they will be turned into finished paper bags, which will be used to package your purchases.

And we hope that is not the end of their journey. The quality of the paper they are made from guarantees further potential, be it as a gift bag, a place to keep a treasured item, or to put your packed lunch in :)