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Body and soul of paper

  • Diáře na míru 2017
  • papero unor
  • foldo unor
  • limited 2017
  • jógový deník


2016/06/27 Introducing faces behind papelote

From the distance it might seem like whole papelote is a piece of work of one single visionary or the trio of founders. That might be true in the very beginning but now? Au contraire! Please accept our invitation into the backstage.

2016/06/27 Time to start working on diaries for your company

Christmas is closer than it might seem! If you are looking for a suitable gift for your clients and partners, for something that will please them and at the same time remind them of your cooperation, sigh no more! Try papelote diaries - tailored to your company's needs.

2016/05/31 Making of: Ripblok

A peek into our production reveals that there are some news on the way! This one is for everyone that might feel tied by the traditional "definitive" notebook binding and prefer to write on loose sheets. Our tear-off Ripblok has sheets joined by bold-coloured glue. They will be in our store before you say Jack Robinson...