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Body and soul of paper

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2016/09/19 Diaries 2017

The highly anticipated collection of 2017 diaries is here! Inspiration was found in the world of paper snippets and cuttings, whose screen-printed paraphrase decorates most on the covers of the 9 types of diaries we prepared for you this year.

The new collection will be available in our store in the end of September and online in the beginning of October.

This year we will have also an English version of selected types of our diaries.

2016/09/19 Badges in bloom

The nature is starting to incline to more earthy tones but our badges keep blooming! Come choose your favourite to our store...

2016/09/16 Making of: Diaries 2017

The 2017 diaries collection will be a real treat - their motives are inpired by the world of paper pieces, snippets and cuttings that originate in the production and development of our stationery. Those were transfered by screen-printing onto the covers of the new collection. In the gallery below you can peek into the Prague-based workshop of Mr. Štutzbart, who is our screen-printing expert.