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Body and soul of paper

  • Diáře 2016
  • ED carta


2015/12/23 PF 2016

It all depends on the point of view! Try to change yours (literally) for a second and you might sight a little miracle! We wish you a year full of little wonders..

2015/12/10 eshop before Christmas

Dear Little Jesuses, if you want to be sure that your present arrives on time, please order by December 17th. Orders that come between 18th and 20th will be processed, but we cannot guarantee delivery before Christmas.

2015/11/30 papelote advent calendar

This advent calendar contains more that just chocolate! From the 1st of December you can start opening the little windows and each day reveal a 25% discount code on some for our products. The only thing left to do is to use the "magic word" in a box for a coupon on our eshop and tadaa!