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Body and soul of paper

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2016/08/18 Calm before the storm in Tomos

This kind of peace can only be seen during a lunch break when you visit our partner printing house Tomos. At other times, the production is definitely not at a standstill. There are currently various things being made: new batch of notebooks for September, a couple of custom editions and also our 2017 diaries! However, the noon secluded spaces seem so magical to us, that we didn't want to leave them unnoticed. Below you can browse through this specific beauty captured by the lens of Filip Šach.

2016/08/11 Sheltered Workshop Proutek

Couple months ago, we started cooperating with citizens' association Proutek, that offers employment to mentally handicapped people and thus helps them with their integration into the everyday life. In their sheltered workshop in the picturesque surroundings of Southern Bohemia, they are now making the recycled paper bags we use for wrapping purchases in our Prague store.

2016/06/27 Introducing faces behind papelote

From the distance it might seem like whole papelote is a piece of work of one single visionary or the trio of founders. That might be true in the very beginning but now? Au contraire! Please accept our invitation into the backstage.