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Cookies perform various tasks, for example enabling efficient navigation between web pages, remembering your preferences and overall improving the user experience. They can also ensure that the advertisements displayed online are better tailored to you and your interests.

We use the following cookies on the website:

  • Technical cookies: our website will not work without technical cookies. They are needed to operate the website, allow you to go through the shopping cart, compare products and other basic functions. This category of cookies cannot be disabled.
  • Preferred and extended functions: with those you don’t have to set everything up again. Thanks to these cookies, we can make working with our website even more pleasant. We can remember your settings, they can help you fill out forms, allow us to display services such as chat and the like. We only run these files with your prior consent.
  • Analytical/statistical cookies: to know how you behave on the website and to further improve our website. For example, they enable us to recognize and count the number of visitors and track how our visitors use the website. They help us improve the way the site works, for example by making it easier for users to find what they’re looking for. These cookies allow us to measure the performance of our website and our advertising campaigns. We use them to determine the number of visits and the sources of visits to our website. We process the data obtained using these cookies in aggregate and anonymously, so we are not able to identify specific users of our website. We only run them with your prior consent.
  • Marketing cookies: so that we do not bother you with inappropriate advertising. Marketing cookies are used by us or our partners to show you appropriate content or advertisements both on our site and on third-party sites. We only run these files with your prior consent.

Please note that third parties (including e.g. external service providers) may also use cookies and/or access data collected by cookies on the website.

You can find more information about cookies and their current list via individual internet browsers, most often in the Developer Tools item.

Consent can be expressed through a check box contained in the so-called cookie bar. You can subsequently refuse cookies in your internet browser settings, or set the use of only some of them.

The GDPR regulation gives you, among other things, the right to contact us and ask for information about how we process your personal data, request access to this data from us and have it updated or corrected, or request restriction of processing, you can request a copy of the processed personal data, request us in certain situations erasure of personal data and in certain cases you have the right to their portability. You can object to processing based on legitimate interest.

If you think that we are not handling the data correctly, you have the right to file a complaint with the Office for Personal Data Protection, or take your claims to court.

These terms and conditions are effective from: 1/1/2022