Dear customers, we are moving to Letná! Starting from July 9, you'll find us at our new address - Milady Horákové 11. We're looking forward to your visit!

Come to see us!

Our shop contains the complete range of papelote products, including limited editions and original lines. You can choose from a generous range of colours, sizes, materials, and even unique pieces. And we are happy to inform you that there are no closed and locked display cases – everything we sell is laid open for you to take into your hands and play with.

In addition to our own products, we also have a wide range of products from renowned stationery brands, such as Kaweco, Midori or Tombow.

Our delightful team of assistants will be on hand to help you with any questions you may have, and they will happily wrap your purchases for you.

The interior of the shop was designed by Václav Mlynář from Monument Office studio.


Milady Horákové 11
Praha 7, 170 00
Mon–Sat 11–19

We accept credit and debit cards.

Where to buy worldwide


    Papierniczeni – Kraków, Poland
    Papersmiths, various locations, GB
    Rum för Papper – Goteborg, Sweden
    Write Sketch &, Milan, Italy
    Lundi, Brussels, Belgium
    Oechsli Buch&Papier – Vienna, Austria
    Holy Shit Shopping, Berlin, Germany
    Greenstory, Netherlands
    Tidformera – Tierp, Sweden
    Libreria Todo Modo – Florence, Italy
    Carta Pura – Munich, Germany
    Proyecto Papelería – Madrid, Spain
    Berylune – Warwickshire, GB
    R.S.V.P. – Berlin, Germany
    Walther Koenig – Cologne, Germany
    Mayther – London, GB
    sous-bois – Vienna, Austria
    Papp.Art – Lage, Germany
    Modulor – Berlin, Germany
    Zabriskie Buchladen – Berlin, Germany
    Le Vélo de Léon – Antibes, France
    Duplikat Buch & Papier, Zurich, Switzerland
    Banema, Astromil, Portugal
    Soestaerk Hustrykkeri, Aeroeskoebing, Denmark
    Superjuju, Stuttgart, Germany
    Made in Paper, Lisboa, Portugal
    Feinhandel, Konstanz, Germany
    NOI, Milan, Italy
    Scatoli, Barmstedt, Germany
    Lexis Papper, Lund, Sweden
    Mar Mar, Margate, GB

    Alkov – Seongnam Si, South Korea
    Tactile Sensibility – Marsfield, New South Wales, Australia
    Brunch Shop – Johannesburg, South Africa
    Little Otsu – Portland, USA

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