The story of papelote

our world, 15. 9. 2019

The story of papelote started in June 2009, when Kateřina Šachová, a graphic design student at Prague’s Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design, defended her diploma project – a concept for a new Czech stationery manufacturer. Kateřina set herself the goal of renewing our appreciation for the beauty of paper and paper-making, while pointing to the central importance of paper, both in our cultural history and in contemporary life.

Crucial to the success of the project was the spirit of  creative freedom fostered by the academy, and in particular the involvement of the ‘three fates’ – Juraj Horváth and Michaela Kukovičová from the illustration and graphic design studios and graphic designer Jan Činčera, who acted as ‘opponent’ on the day.

Kateřina’s diploma piece was awarded an Exit Design prize as part of the Czech National Award for Student Design, and she was also nominated for a Czech Grand Design award in the ‘Discovery of the Year’ and ‘Graphic Designer of the Year’ categories.

The spirit of playful experimentation and exploration continues to preside over papelote to this day. What has also remained is the desire to look afresh at paper, to test its limits and discover the unexpected solutions which this seemingly mundane material offers.

Papelote lives!

Kateřina Šachová, her husband Filip Šach, and their  friend Denisa Havrdová, decided to join forces and bring papelote into being, establishing a firm under that name. Papelote was first introduced to the public in Designblok 2009 and then developed a limited distribution network. Then, in June 2010, they opened their own store in Prague, offering customers the full range of papelote products. In the same year the company introduced its creative studio service, which offered firms and individuals a range of custom-made products. In 2012 papelote received the Shop of the year award in the Czech Grand Design awards. In addition, photographer Filip Šach was nominated for a Photographer of the Year award for work he did for papelote.

Designblok 2009

Papelote grows!

From that time papelote has continued to grow and develop. In 2011 we opened our e-shop, offering a wide selection from our range. Our products are also sold in shops throughout the Czech Republic and abroad. We work with many interesting clients, for whom we design made-to-measure products, along with our developing range of products. Today papelote is made up of a fifteen-strong team, including the creative studio and the team in charge of the running of the company and communication with clients and partners. Our delightful team of assistants look after customers in the store.