Returns and Refunds

Returns and Refunds policy

This Policy is available from the seller’s place of business or as part of these Terms and Conditions.

Claims will be dealt with in accordance with the seller’s Terms and Conditions and with the legal framework valid in the Czech Republic.

Purchased items can be returned in accordance with the seller’s Terms and Conditions.

The buyer is obliged to be acquainted with the Returns and Refunds Policy and the seller’s Terms and Conditions prior to placing an order. 

By accepting goods from the seller, the buyer agrees to the terms of the Returns and Refunds Policy, as stated below. 

The seller issues a sales receipt / invoice, bearing all the requirements of an accounting document, as well as all the data necessary for a warranty claim (product name, date of issue, unit price, quantity, order number). This invoice is used as proof of warranty.

Warranty Period

Warranty commences on the day the buyer receives the goods, i.e. the date stated on the sales receipt / invoice. Warranty period as stipulated by law is 24 months.

A claim made after the above warranty period will not be accepted by the seller. The legal warranty period is defined in the Civil Code (in particular sections 1914-1925, sections 2099-2117 and sections 2161-2174 of the Code) and this policy. Extended warranty claims are dealt with solely in accordance with this policy.

Warranty Conditions

Warranty conditions for goods are based on the seller’s Returns and Refunds Policy and the standing legal regulations of the Czech Republic. A sales receipt / invoice serves as proof of warranty. We urge the buyer to inspect the delivery in the presence of the courier and, should any damage be detected, to file a claim directly with the shipping provider. The courier will then compile a report regarding the fault and the order will be returned to the seller. The buyer is entitled to refuse delivery if this is in breach of the purchase contract in that it is e.g. incomplete or damaged. If the buyer accepts the damaged delivery from the courier, it is necessary to record the nature of the damage in the delivery document. It is necessary to immediately notify the seller of the damaged or incomplete delivery by email (, to compile a report with the courier and to send this report to the seller by post or email. A delayed claim of damaged or incomplete delivery provides the seller with the opportunity to prove that there was no breach of purchase contract.

The buyer can send faulty goods via courier service to the above address. The parcel should be visibly marked with the word “REKLAMACE” and should include the returned goods (including original labelling and packaging). We recommend including a copy of the sales receipt, a detailed description of the fault and the buyer’s contact details (address, telephone number). It is impossible to identify the order and the fault without this information. The buyer uses the sales receipt to prove the validity of the claim; if the item has been the subject of a previous claim, proof of this should also be included. The order number on all the above-mentioned documents should be identical.

The warranty does not cover damage caused by the following:

• Reckless or inappropriate treatment or handling with excessive force

• Using the item in unsuitable conditions in terms of temperature, dust or humidity (if stipulated by the manufacturer)

• Damage caused by excessive strain or usage in breach of conditions stipulated by the manual or terms and conditions

• Exposure to the elements or act of God

Returned goods will only be tested for fault(s) specified in writing by the buyer (in the returns form or enclosed description of fault). In the event that the fault is not a result of the item being defective but of incorrect handling by the buyer, the claim will be refused. If the buyer agrees to a paid repair, this will be charged according to the current price list. The seller bears responsibility for any hidden defects which become apparent upon the buyer’s acceptance of the goods and during the warranty period.

Filing a claim

V případě, že věc při převzetí kupujícím není ve shodě s kupní smlouvou (dále jen „rozpor s kupní smlouvou“), má kupující právo na to, aby prodávající bezplatně a bez zbytečného odkladu věc uvedl do stavu odpovídajícímu kupní smlouvě, a to podle požadavku kupujícího buď výměnou věci, nebo její opravou. Není-li takový postup možný, může kupující požadovat přiměřenou slevu z ceny nebo od smlouvy odstoupit. To neplatí, pokud kupující před převzetím věci o rozporu s kupní smlouvou věděl nebo rozpor s kupní smlouvou sám způsobil.

In the event that the ordered item is not as stipulated by the purchase contract (further referred to as ‘breach of purchase contract’) the buyer has the right to require of the seller that the seller makes any such adjustments as necessary in order to comply with the purchase contract, and that the seller does so free of charge and without unnecessary delay, either by exchanging or repairing the item, whichever is the buyer’s stated preference. If such a course of action is not possible, the buyer has the right to request a partial refund or to return the item for a full refund. This applies unless the buyer was aware of the breach of purchase contract before receiving the goods or if the buyer is directly responsible for the breach.

A breach of purchase contract which becomes apparent within 6 months from the date of accepting the goods is treated as a breach existing at the time of accepting the goods pokud to neodporuje věci or unless the opposite is proven. If it is not unreasonable, given the nature of the fault, the buyer can request an exchange or, if the fault is limited to a part of the item, an exchange of that part. If this course of action is not possible, the buyer can request an appropriate discount or cancellation of the contract. If a discount is given, the buyer cannot then file a claim based on this fault.

If the nature of the fault is such that it cannot be repaired, or the item cannot be used in the same way as an item without that fault, the buyer has the right to cancel the contract or to request an exchange. The same right applies if the fault is repairable but the buyer is not able to use the item because the fault re-occurred after the repair or because there are other defects. If the fault is irreparable, and the buyer does not request an exchange, the buyer has the right to receive an appropriate discount or to cancel the purchase contract. The seller is obliged to process the claim without unnecessary delay, within no more than 30 days from the date the claim was made.

After a valid claim has been processed, the warranty period is extended by the length of time taken to resolve the claim. If a claim is found to be invalid, the warranty period is not extended. If the claim is resolved by an exchange of the item, any future claims will be treated as a first claim. (The duration of the claim resolution process is calculated from the first day after acceptance of the items to the date that the claim is processed, not to the date the buyer collects the items! The buyer will receive an email informing him that the claim has been processed.)

After a claim has been processed, the buyer will be notified by telephone, by text message or by email. If the item was sent by courier, it will automatically be sent to the buyer’s address. If the item is not collected within 60 days from the date of the claim being filed, the seller has the right (in accordance with section 2608 paragraph 1, in conjunction with section 2159 paragraph 2 of the Civil code) to demand a storage charge from the buyer upon collection of the item. This charge is set at CZK 10 per day, or CZK 20 for goods weighing over 5kg.

Withdrawal from contract

In accordance with section 1829, paragraph 1 of the Civil Code, a consumer has the right to withdraw from a contract within fourteen (14) days from the date of the takeover of goods. To request withdrawal from contract, the buyer can use the form available here.

The buyer must send the withdrawal from contract form within 14 days from the date of the takeover of goods. The buyer must then return the purchased goods to the seller. If the buyer withdraws from the purchase contract, the buyer is obliged to meet the cost of return postage. The buyer has the right to claim a refund for postage, up to the cost of the cheapest postage or shipping option offered by the buyer (CZK 89.00).

In the event that the buyer decides to withdraw within this period, it is necessary to comply with the following:

• Deliver goods to seller’s address (Bubenské nábřeží 306/13, Praha 7, 170 00) complete with number of order or wit variable symbol.

• Return goods in complete and undamaged condition, in original packaging and with all original documentation and any bonus gifts included. In the event that goods are returned incomplete or damaged, the refunded sum will be reduced appropriately. (Do not return goods postage due, this will not be accepted. We recommend that you insure the goods.)

• In the event that the above requirements are not met, the seller has the right not to accept the returned goods or to reduce the refunded amount appropriately.

• The right to withdraw from the purchase contract excludes the following: i) delivery of goods or services, the price of which is dependent on the fluctuation of financial markets independently of the seller’s will; ii) delivery of goods altered to the buyer’s specifications; iii) delivery of goods the value of which decreases by being used and which cannot be returned to their original pre-purchase condition

The seller pledges to return the retail price to the buyer no later than 14 (fourteen) days from withdrawal from contract using the same payment method used in the purchase. The seller reserves the right to issue a refund only once the returned goods have been received or proof of postage has been provided.

In the event that the buyer is unable to return goods in their original condition or their value has been lowered (by partial use or wear and tear), the buyer is obliged to provide a financial compensation for this (in accordance with section 2991 paragraph 1 of the Civil Code) – in practice this is done by making a deduction from the retail price which is then refunded as a reduced amount.